AYCPLA Frequently Asked Questions

Will you send me a catalog?
AYCPLA does not have a mail order catalog. Our complete line of products is available for viewing online in the Products section. There are a variety of retailers that carry a large line of our products. Visit the Where to Buy section to find a store near you that carries AYCPLA products.

Can I order products from the AYCPLA website?
AYCPLA does not directly sell of their products online. Please visit our Where to Buy section to find a retailer near you that carries AYCPLA products.

Are AYCPLA products available for purchase outside the China?
Yes, AYCPLA products are available for purchase in other countries.

Are AYCPLA products safe?
AYCPLA Inc., as a concerned infant product manufacturer, takes great pride in providing safe and dependable products to you and your child. The safety of our products and the children using them is our primary concern. Our standards meet and exceed those set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM), and we’re proud of that! We test and re-test our products. A 3rd party lab, for safety and compliance to standards, reviews our product designs and that same 3rd party lab, for safety compliance, reviews production of each product. We then perform in-house testing before shipment to our retailers. Yes, AYCPLA products are safe!

Can I participate in a AYCPLA Discussion Group?
AYCPLA occasionally hosts Discussion Groups to review new product concepts and to acquire feedback from expectant parents or parents of infants and young toddlers (up to age 18 months). Discussion groups are held in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. If you live in or nearby Grand Rapids, Michigan and would be interested in participating in a AYCPLA Discussion Group, please complete the Contact Us form and provide us with your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and the birth date of your youngest child or your expectant due date. If an opportunity is available, we will contact you!

How can I get my baby in AYCPLA advertising or packaging?
All of the babies in AYCPLA advertising and packaging are registered, professional models. If you are in those areas and would like to register with a local talent agency, be sure to let the agency know that you are interested in modeling for AYCPLA.

I have a product idea that I would like AYCPLA to review. How do I submit my idea for review?
AYCPLA has an in-house Product Development team that is responsible for generating new product ideas and developing all new products. At this time, we are not reviewing product ideas from outside inventors.

Are there any employment opportunities at AYCPLA?
If you have inquiries relating to employment opportunities at AYCPLA, please forward your resumé to our Human Resources Department or use our contact form to share your interest with HR.

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